Information on demand
wherever you are.

Imagine your day with simple-to-use, up to date
information about each site and crew.

SunWorx also produces straightforward, easy-to-use management reports
with key information on field crew productivity, data for invoicing, and inventory use and tracking. You can even manage the details of your projects, such as permits.

Your field data is always up-to-date and accessible, whenever you  need it. It's a complete snapshot of your business for you, your crews and your customers


The historical data in SunWorx can be searched and compiled.  You will be able to assess what jobs are profitable and what your real costs are.  Hard data to use for bidding on future business.  Profitably.

Check out this list of SunWorx functions:

  • Work Order Creation & Tracking
  • Locate Request Tracking
  • Work Crew Management with Scheduling & Tracking
  • Equipment Use Monitoring
  • Performance Information, including hours, equipment use, inventory use, invoicing details
  • Management Tools & Reports
  • Streamlined Invoicing
  • Adaptable to PDA or RFID platforms